Healing was never meant to be

Healing was never meant to be


Fix your marriage In 40 Days

Self-Guided Online Course for Couples | 4 Weeks

What You Weren’t Taught About How to Heal a Marriage

Join Dimple Thakrar (Executive Love & Relationship Expert) & Cherie Burton (Emotional Healing & Feminine Wholeness Expert) for this 4 Week Online Course for Couples

Your marriage is your life-blood; meant to sustain, protect. nourish and empower you BOTH. If this isn't your current reality.... it's time to create a new one. You are not alone; most marriages today are suffering. We're here to help.
  • Live interactive Facebook group

  • Weekly marriage saving content

  • Lifetime access to all content

  • Bonus ‘Back to Love’ meditations

  • Daily Love Dose

22 day Depression cleanse

Self-Guided Online Course | 22 minutes a day | 22 days

Release Toxic Thoughts and Reboot Your Biochemistry

I've literally been OBSESSED with cracking the code on stress and depression for nearly 3 decades. The truth is, healing happens from the inside-out, not outside-in. It is not external agents, professionals and protocols that make you better. YOU make you better.

Everything you are searching for is already here. This course shows you how to access it! It is about baby steps with consistency. You are a multi-sensory being and therefore require a multi-sensory approach to healing and transformation.

How it works:

  • Learn a 5 Minute Daily Neurosensory Method that releases toxic thoughts and activates your body's self-healing mechanisms

  • Build an Emotional Emergency Kit, step-by-simple-step

  • Do a Depression Detox to reboot your biochemistry

Emotional Wholeness masterclass

Self-Guided Course

Building upon the 22-Day Depression Cleanse, this course goes deeper into self-exploration and personal healing methodology. Over the years, I have developed an Emotional Wellness Pyramid—an at-a-glance visual tool for sensory restoration (soul + body).

Before you even "want" to get well, sensory anchoring practices must be employed to quicken and awaken the mind/body consciousness. In essence, to motivate and move you. It is about being able to consistently Stop, Breathe and Receive and to provide your body with amazing nourishment as needed.

If you are fascinated with holistic psychology, this course is for you!

What you'll get:

  • Super-fast, powerful Emotional Healing Processes that break your generational patterning and shift your DNA expression

  • Guided video lessons of the 7 Steps of Emotional Transformation

  • Make a Creation Station and get a Weekly Creation Planner to motivate you to self-nourish

  • Discover Sensory Soul Work for beautiful whole-body integration

  • Eating For Beauty & Energy Guide and Meal Plans

  • In-depth, latest research on The Science of Emotions and Essential Oils

  • In-depth, latest research on The Science of Emotions and Essential Oils

  • Meditations, Breathwork, Weekly Creation Planner ...and many more, beautiful high vibration methods to keep you aligned!

Books & Audio

Soul declaration cards

Carefully Created for the Stand Speak Shine Empowerment of Women

Words are powerful vehicles of healing. Their vibrational carriage has the ability to literally reset and reprogram the subconscious. When you speak out, or declare, and pair it with smell, you tap into levels of the mind, heart and gut brains that are otherwise not accessed.

The sentences on these cards are meticulously phrased to trigger varying cleansing, healing and empowerment state-changes.

The perfect companion essential oil is indicated for each of the 27 cards. This beautiful, high quality set cards are sized to fit the dimensions of your hand and are packaged in a lovely satin organza drawstring bag.

$10.00 + Shipping

Permission to shine

Beauty and confidence are your birthright. Like every female, you have a deep need to cultivate your beauty, interact with confidence, live from a peaceful center, and feel free in your self-expression. Stress, fear and self-doubt often creep up to sabotage your efforts to rise to your potential and fulfill your life purpose.

Authenticity is born of aligning your inner and outer selves. The more authentic you are, the more “attract-ive” you become— pulling to you people and opportunities that are powerful and prosperous.

Permission to Shine may be considered your crash course in “Womanhood 101.” This audio shares inspiring, practical how-to’s that guide you through inner/outer alignment and the art of confidence.

90-minute audio presentation $15.00 Digital Download

Where depression ends and you begin

In 2005, Cherie's sister Shawna—a 34-year-old mother of five—committed suicide. Shawna was beautiful, musically gifted and generous of heart, but through her smiles, carried a burden too great for her family to understand. For years she struggled through cycles of a painkiller addiction and recovery, and cycles of mania and depression. Trying to put her death (and life) in perspective prompted the writing of this book a year later.

This book takes a simple approach to releasing emotions and healing the disease of depression. In it, Cherie gives essential insights into the 4 passages of discovery leading to mental well-being.

If you or someone you love struggles with depression, this guidebook will offer new tools and directions for putting this disease in its place.

$10.00 eBook

True and lasting change

How do you really, TRULY, get to the places you want to go in life?

What is the “secret sauce” for CHANGE and where do you actually begin?

Learn a simple and powerful emotional/mental/spiritual 4-Step process for busting through FEAR and receiving anything and everything your heart desires.

$5.00 eBook

If she could speak

 A sensory journey to activate your body’s self-healing mechanisms, reclaim your voice and find your true north.

Over almost a decade, I have developed an extraordinary tool that has assisted myself, my family, my clients, and audience members called a Creation Compass.

This 16 point "compass rose" helps to identify where we fall out of connection and alignment. It details how to use our senses and faculties—in a certain divine order—to activate our body’s self-healing mechanisms.

I share my vulnerable story and tools to empower other women, that they may speak their truth and live with beauty, abundance and freedom.

Coming January 2020


It's time to listen to your soul's voice.

Your Soul

Essential oils are my favorite emotional wellness tool. Their direct, portal-like access to the brain’s limbic structures make them incredibly effective agents for fostering present-moment awareness. Because of their volatile and diverse natural chemical constituency, these oils are highly “intelligent,” and can cleanse, balance and support our minds and bodies in ways nothing else can.

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