Client love

My time working with Cherie Burton was priceless. We worked closely for many months to enhance my natural inner and outer beauty and help me to present my best self to others in a manner that was in alignment with my personality and style. My mission was to be ready for media at any moment and be confident with who I am at a greater level so I can express myself more fully in living my purpose. Cherie not only fulfilled my expectations but exceeded them as I truly felt and was transformed by the end of our coaching program. Since working with Cherie I have been on the covers of two magazines and featured in many other forms of media for my business, I’m so grateful I took the time to work on myself in this way and that I selected Cherie as my mentor. I highly recommend her!

—Kelly King Anderson, Founder, Start Up Princess, Wellness & Business Coach

“Cherie Transformed me”

It was my pleasure to work with Cherie Burton as my mentor and coach. She helped me to hone my business message in a very short time which has allowed me to really reach the women that need me most. Cherie also was able to help me get crystal clear on my natural energy type and how I can best portray that in my business and life. I have found this especially important as I speak to large groups and lead in my business and life. Because of Cherie, I no longer compare my leadership style to others, but I honor what is innate and natural to me. This makes life and running my business more effective and much more joyful!

—Elizabeth Anderson, Inside-Out Body Transformation Coach

“Much More Joyful”

Personally working with Cherie Burton has truly changed my life. Her influence and knowledge that she shares so graciously has benefited my life and so many others. Her courses and coaching have truly helped me to step into my purpose of being the woman I was created to be. I find I am a better wife and mother, and especially woman. I tell everyone about her.

—Heather Richey, Speaker, Singer, Songwriter, Mrs. World Ambassador

“Truly Changed my Life”

Cherie has such a wonderful way of coaching women for life, not just pageants. As she coached me for Mrs. America, Cherie gave me a great layout and plan as to help me achieve the greatness I knew was inside but wasn’t finding on my own. She is a wonderful therapist as she ends up helping you throughout many areas in your life. I will never forget her encouraging words. She has helped me continue to strive for greatness in all that I do. For me this was the gift of self-discovery, motivation, and love for who I am and who I was created to become.

—Tiffany Nelson, Mrs. Utah 2008, Business Owner, Mother of Fifteen

“Brought Out the Greatness I knew Was inside”

Working with Cherie has changed my life in a deeper and more meaningful way than I ever thought possible. I wanted to work with her to have a better balance between work and family, but ended up realizing that my issues were more to do with what was at my CORE than what was on my schedule. Cherie takes you DEEP. My results? I am more spiritually connected than I have ever been before in my life. I know God in a real way for the first time in my life. And because of that, it has translated into every area in my life. I can’t recommend Cherie enough. I have absolutely loved working with her!

—Kim Flynn, Business Coach for Women

“Cherie Takes you Deep

Cherie’s mentoring has brought forth a physical change in my appearance, countenance and confidence. I received such personalized attention and direction that I felt as if she has known me for years and is a closest confidant. Cherie has helped me to not only win a pageant title, but create my ideal life. She has an amazing gift to teach how to receive light and knowledge. When she speaks, I cannot write fast enough and hang on her every word.

—Karmel Larson, Owner of Momni, Mother of 8

“Personalized attention and direction”

I was guided to Cherie when I was in a dark place, wondering what my purpose was. I heard her speak at a conference and it was if she spoke straight to me. I was able to start coaching with her soon after that. I can honestly say that the things she has taught me have changed my life. By bringing true principles to light, I have been able to better able to understand myself and my purpose. I have been able to stay centered and connected to God. I can say with confidence that anyone would be well advised to invest in themselves and work with Cherie. She is an amazing woman and mentor and I am so grateful to now call her my friend!

—Kimberli Howard, Natural Health Business Owner

“She Spoke Straight to Me”

The first time I heard Cherie speak, I knew she was the mentor I had been looking for. Cherie started me on a path of personal refinement and with her guidance I learned to allow more joy and peace into my life. She provided me with the tools to cast out my fears and stay connected to God through daily stillness. Cherie truly has a gift for connecting with women and gently guiding them in receiving clarity of their personal missions.

—Sarah Brooks, Health & Homeschooling Educator

“the mentor I had been looking for”

Working with Cherie Burton has been a very worthwhile and inspiring journey. She is so knowledgeable, experienced and offers so much expertise. More important than the things I learned was the way I felt through her coaching process. She is empowering. She always goes back to the basic knowledge that everything we are and everything we can become is part of the spiritual process of ‘being.’ She is so intuitive and in touch with the universe’s power of light and goodness.

—Carol Guest, Mrs. Utah 2011, Business Owner & Wellness Entrepreneur

“a Worthwhile and Inspiring Journey”

Working with Cherie has opened my eyes to my strengths, my gifts, and the unique offerings I have to give to my fellow man. I love her gentle and effective coaching, without hype. She has guided me to the skills and tools I need to share my offerings via media outreach, social networking, and personal presentations. She inspires me to embrace my divine femininity, a power so few women really understand. This is a power that draws others to us. Cherie is a powerful role model and teacher and always uplifts and inspires me with great wisdom and knowledge that I may give the best that is within me.

—Sarah Hinze, Author & Life Coach

“Personalized attention and direction”

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