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Feminine Boss School

Be your own kind of Boss Lady.

Allow your soul voice to get so loud you can finally hear it - and have the Goddess Confidence to do what it is calling you to do.

A 12 Week Crash Course in Goddess Confidence, Finding Your Soul-preneur Path & Balancing Biz with Motherhood

You'll learn:

  • To Discover & Define Your Soul-preneur Path

  • The Way of the Goddess; the New Feminine Leadership Paradigm

  • How to Create a Schedule that Gets More Done in Less Time

  • How to Harmonize Your Personal Passions with your Family Life

  • How to Get Paid for Your Passions

  • The 7 Steps of Feminine Creation

  • The Feminine Magnetism Model: Pulling What is Wanted to You

  • How to Keep Your Energy High Throughout the Day

  • How to Create a Millionaire Mom Mindset

  • Top Strategies for Authentic Goddess Confidence

  • How to Magnify Your Feminine Power

The Stand Speak Shine school

A Divine Feminine Empowerment Program for Women.

Are you searching for a deeper connection to the divine feminine, and honestly want to understand more about what this actually is...who SHE actually is?
When you connect to HER, you connect to YOU.

Next Session: January 2021

This 3 month online program will be the most empowering, fascinating and transformative window you will ever have as a woman!
Learn to completely EXPRESS your authentic inner queen and goddess.

This is a no-frills emotional, physical and spiritual self-actualization and deep feminine empowerment program based upon Cherie's 12 Feminine Practices.
  • Learn how the Divine Feminine manifests in YOU

  • Learn to fully express your Feminine Energy

  • Finally get over your low self-worth and depression issues!

  • Define your soul path and purpose

  • Learn to literally BE attractive with the Laws of Feminine Magnetism

  • Get the Creation Compass Rose© as a visual tool to create or heal ANYTHING

  • Learn the 12 Feminine Practices - 1 each week! - for magical life transformation Paradigm

  • Learn how to EAT and MOVE your body for super-beauty & high energy

  • Discover Rituals and Secrets of Feminine Power & Influence with the New Feminine Leadership Paradigm

  • Find out your unique Sacred Style Archetype© (how to get the SHINE FACTOR by learning to dress for your unique energy type)

Includes: Regular Deep-Dive Live Teachings in a high-vibe Online Community Videos, Audios, Deep Soul Meditations & Monthly Live Q&A with Cherie Lifetime access to the content
2 payments of $399/mo —or— 1 payment of $777 (save $66)
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Fix your marriage In 40 Days

What You Weren’t Taught About How to Heal a Marriage

Join Dimple Thakrar (Executive Love & Relationship Expert) & Cherie Burton (Emotional Healing & Feminine Wholeness Expert) for this 4 Week Online Course for Couples

A 4 Week Self-Guided Online Course for Couples
Your marriage is your life-blood; meant to sustain, protect. nourish and empower you BOTH. If this isn't your current reality.... it's time to create a new one. You are not alone; most marriages today are suffering. We're here to help.
  • Live interactive Facebook group

  • Weekly marriage saving content

  • Lifetime access to all content

  • Bonus ‘Back to Love’ meditations

  • Daily Love Dose

Queendom Private Mentorship

Add-on to Stand Speak Shine School

6 month program

Prerequisite: Enroll in The Stand Speak Shine School.
You may begin this private mentorship with Cherie after completion of month one.
Work with Cherie and receive focused, personalized guidance in the building and expansion of your soul path, abundance, beauty and relationships.

Be held in a space of gentle but bold accountability to rise to your authentic self and practice the “secrets” of Queenly power & influence. Get into flow of the new Feminine Leadership Paradigm and craft a profitable business strategy map, based upon your gifts, soul path and values to heal our hurting world. Actually claim beauty, emotional health & spiritual wholeness. Dive deep into your Sacred Style Archetype© and embody your most beautiful self with wardrobe, makeup, hair and colors that magnetize people and opportunities to you for your soul’s highest unspoken expression.

QUEENDOM PRIVATE MENTORSHIP Six 70-minute sessions • 3 payments of $4200 —or— 1 payment of $12,000 (save $600)
STAND SPEAK SHINE SCHOOL is only FREE with Private Mentorship (Save $600 during Winter 2020 Stand Speak Shine School Launch and $1600 for Stand Speak Shine School sessions thereafter.)

A day with Cherie: A Queenly Intensive

Add-on to Stand Speak Shine School

10 hours with Cherie

Prerequisite: Completion of The Stand Speak Shine School so that you have the foundation of the 12 Feminine Practices that have empowered you to enter & access your Queendom Within.

If you’re going through the Queendom Private Mentorship with Cherie, this is a powerfully strategic supplement to your guided soul-path ordering and mission creation. It is also a “turbo” option for those who wish to bypass the Queendom Private Mentorship and develop their life strategy in one day.

We will incorporate a particular focus on Emotional Healing, Outer Beauty and the “Shine Factor” through your Sacred Style Archetype©.
10 hours • $4,200 • You fly to my sacred space in Utah at your own expense. What a difference a DAY can make when there is laser focus on YOU and your soul path!