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It is a sacred duty to express your sovereign soul and be yourself! In this podcast, I bring in top experts, and we go deep. These are bold, compassionate, to-the-point, & sometimes challenging conversations integrating the sacred feminine, emotional healing, mothering, authentic spirituality, natural health, self-nourishment, beauty & "fempreneuring." This is YOUR time, sister.

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“There is a silent revolution taking place…This is a new type of revolution, the type that has not been written about in history books. This revolution is giving birth to Revolutionaries and not Reactionaries. These Revolutionaries see beyond the tribal creeds that have been rooted upon fear and upon territory. You can distinguish between the […]

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You wouldn’t look at Jessica Procini and think she’d ever had a problem with unconscious self-feeding.  Yet, she has walked through an intense journey of self-love starvation, using food to fill the void. She eventually used her personal power and innate wisdom to become an Emotional Eating Healer and the founder of Escape From Emotional Eating®.  Being 100% free from her compulsions with food, she now helps others do the same.

035: ESCAPING Emotional Eating

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My friend and colleague, Deborah Kagan (author, speaker, “Mojo Recovery Specialist”) and I are hearing many of the same things from women:  There seems to be a concern around being seen. So many women WANT to be seen, but are afraid or unwilling to stand in their full light. They feel like their bodies are […]


This is a first for me – a totally unscripted, unedited episode.  (And since the podcast began, only the second one I’ve recorded solo.)  I share some personal and sacred musings and experiences that led me on a powerfully unexpected journey, culminating in a dissolution and “unraveling” of who I thought I was and what […]

034:  Mary Magdalene Pt 6 (The Final Episode):  FINDING HER GOSPEL   

Robin Young (also known by her pen name, Mari Clairveaux) is an avid researcher who has extensively studied the Divine Feminine in Ancient Egyptian and Early Christian eras. Mine and Robin’s discussion revolves around women being traditionally been less visible in most cultures, based on early divisions in belief systems that resulted in male-centric authority. Yet, as we open our “eyes to see” – we will realize that The Divine Feminine has been hiding in plain sight all along.

033:  Mary Magdalene Pt 5: Seeing “Her-Story” in History 

Aedamar Kirrane joins us from Ireland.  She is a lawyer turned philosopher; a spiritual writer specializing in the philosophy of Love. In 2015, during her final semester of her BA in Philosophy and English in University College Dublin, Aedamar started to meditate, and within a matter of weeks she began to experience the preliminary stages of what transpired to be a profound Awakening to Love. Hear her story of coming into this awareness as a young mother and how it has evolved into her special mission.

032: Mary Magdalene Pt 4: The Book of Love

Meet Chloe Mercer, a healer and teacher from England, awakening women to the “The Rose”; a galactic symbol of Ancient Mothers and Divine Feminine “oneness.”  Hear her story of coming into this awareness and her sacred mission through deep personal loss as a young mother. I met Chloe on an Avalon Priestess Pilgrimage to Glastonbury last year, an event she co-facilitated.  Her strength, beauty and wisdom was a joy to experience! Chloe taught me about the feminine connection to Yoga and the depth of connection to Divine Mother and the physical body.  

031: Mary Magdalene Pt 3: Sisterhood of the Rose

What does the reclamation of power and identity have to do with Mary M? The Gospel of Mary Magdalene was part of the discovery of the Nag Hammadi ancient Christian texts, referenced as the Gnostic Gospels. In these texts, Mary was referred to as “apostle to the apostles.” Amber Richardson a scholar/researcher of feminist critical theory, is the podcast host of “On Sovereign Wings: For Women Seeking to Reclaim Their Power” and is the author of the soon-to-be released Woman, Crowned.

030: Mary Magdalene Pt 2: Reclaiming Your Power & Identity After Abuse

This is the first in our 6-Part Mary M series! And who better to start us out most epically than my new soul sister, Sera Beak.  She is an author, speaker and Harvard-trained theologian… and a powerful Divine Feminine mystic and scholar. As we’ll discuss in this episode, Mary Magdalene was the most named and […]

029: Mary Magdalene Pt 1: The Trinity of True Love

What is transpiring with the Feminine consciousness on the Earth right now? Hira Hosen is an “Ascension Catalyst” and spiritual teacher – here to assist the human collective in this age of awakening and ascension. She resides in Egpyt (seedbed of Goddess history!) and has extensively studied the Divine Feminine. Hira gives workshops and retreats throughout the world, which is how I met her: on my Avalon Priestess Pilgrimage in Glastonbury, England last year.  Our discussion in this episode is simply EPIC! Practical ways to facilitate YOUR awakening.

028: Exploring the Mysteries of the Feminine w/ Hira Hosen

Are you feeling bogged down with spiritual expectations?  There is “Exactness” and then there is Grace. There is “Absolutism” and then there is Nuance. How do we bust out of the old paradigms of “spiritual success” and allow ourselves the freedom to be ourselves?  My discussion with Morgan Hagey, mom of 7, speaker, and author […]

027: Breaking Free of Toxic Perfectionism w/ Morgan Hagey

No one’s story turns out how they dreamed it would be! Sometimes it exceeds our expectations, but oftentimes it’s a series of massive let-downs. What if…things are unfolding EXACTLY – perfectly – as they are meant to…even if you feel like you’ve totally screwed up?  Join “Love Your Story” podcast host, author, coach, and speaker […]

026: Living Your Story Intentionally w/ Lori Lee

Are you frustrated – or intimated by – the practice of Meditation? What is the #1 “spirituality hack” to stay present and peaceful? Brooke Snow is a meditation specialist, mother, podcast host, and author. Our discussion takes the stigma and fear out of meditation and makes it super easy, simple and DOABLE! Or, listen on your […]

025: Meditation Made Simple w/ Brooke Snow

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