for women who want to feel, express,
and be who they truly are

—Hosted by Cherie Burton—


It is a sacred duty to express your sovereign soul and be yourself! In this podcast, I bring in top experts, and we go deep. These are bold, compassionate, to-the-point, & sometimes challenging conversations integrating the sacred feminine, emotional healing, mothering, authentic spirituality, natural health, self-nourishment, beauty & "fempreneuring." This is YOUR time, sister.  

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This was no ordinary adoption.The phraseordinary adoption,in and of itself, is an oxymoron (what adoption is ordinary?) but this story our story really is a rare and precious miracle. The miracle did not lie just in receiving a new baby, although that, to me, was the sweetest part. There is so much more, so many […]

I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 with my family over the weekend. It was crazy and cute … I loved the emphasis on finding inner peace and its tie-in to self realization. Jeff and I have pretty much decided that if our children (now in their tweens and early teens) left our home with no […]

  These are my babies, 7 years ago this month…at the height of their innocent glory. In honor of Mothers Day and lessons learned frommychildrencontinuing to raise me, I have come up with Twelve Reasons to Learn at the Feet of Our Children: 1) Your child (depending on how old you were at his or […]

This is an entry from an old blog of mine – a couple of years ago. It’s about my only girl, now 12. Sigh–I miss her at this sweet stage: Wed, April 1, 2009 My ten year old daughter, Savannah, has had difficulty staying in her bed at night. “I just don’t like being alone,” […]

This is going to be the year of healing my food issues. I feel it – I know it. It’s gonna happen. Yesterday Jeff and I took our son Noah to a chiropractic neurologist in Idaho. That dr. is convinced that most of Noah’s sensory integration issues stem from an autoimmune disorder…largely exacerbated by his […]

Today she would be 40. I was going to visit her grave – about 15 minutes from my house – and got too busy. Or maybe I’m just avoiding. I don’t know… I do know that five and a half years after my sister’s suicide, I’m still feeling the stinging pain of her loss. I’ve […]

Ok, so it’s been over a MONTH since I’ve posted. So sorry…have detached from writing to heed other calls. Pleasantly surprised to note that there were almost 500 reads on my last post, “Those Who Hunger.” 🙂 Please keep reading, friends! Yesterday – Saturday – was one of the most powerful and rewarding days of […]

I’ll get to Part 2 of the FULL Potential in the real near future. I feel to go a different direction tonight. In my second-to-last post, entitled “How Could He Love Them as I Do?” I shared my very personal journey with my soon-to-be-14-year-old son Noah’s “health” and “developmental” struggles…and the recent miraculous results we […]

Thirteen – almost 14 – years ago, my entire existence did a complete 360. Since 1996, I have been consumed – yes consumed is the perfect word here – with feelings I didn’t know I possessed. Feelings that seemed to burst right out of me, spontaneously. Naturally. I’m talking about raw, instinctual, powerful emotions. Pure […]


I’m something of a Christian-Buddhist-Jewish-Yogi-Mystic. I embrace and share truth in any form that heals & inspires.

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