for women who want to feel, express,
and be who they truly are

—Hosted by Cherie Burton—


It is a sacred duty to express your sovereign soul and be yourself! In this podcast, I bring in top experts, and we go deep. These are bold, compassionate, to-the-point, & sometimes challenging conversations integrating the sacred feminine, emotional healing, mothering, authentic spirituality, natural health, self-nourishment, beauty & "fempreneuring." This is YOUR time, sister.  

Listen to the teaser:

When clinical psychology doctoral candidate Danielle Daniel was able to make the connection between brain function and aromatherapy tools, she felt compelled to share what she had learned with others. Today she is combining the powers of medical aromatherapy, essential oils and psychotherapy in calculated scientific approaches to help her patients heal like never before.

I’ll get to Part 2 of the FULL Potential in the real near future. I feel to go a different direction tonight. In my second-to-last post, entitled “How Could He Love Them as I Do?” I shared my very personal journey with my soon-to-be-14-year-old son Noah’s “health” and “developmental” struggles…and the recent miraculous results we […]

Essential Oils

I’m something of a Christian-Buddhist-Jewish-Yogi-Mystic. I embrace and share truth in any form that heals & inspires.

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