for women who want to feel, express,
and be who they truly are

—Hosted by Cherie Burton—


It is a sacred duty to express your sovereign soul and be yourself! In this podcast, I bring in top experts, and we go deep. These are bold, compassionate, to-the-point, & sometimes challenging conversations integrating the sacred feminine, emotional healing, mothering, authentic spirituality, natural health, self-nourishment, beauty & "fempreneuring." This is YOUR time, sister.  

Listen to the teaser:

If you haven’t noticed already, there are heavy nautical and cartographical references within the context of Sacred Stations. There’s a method to my madness. It’s kind of my way of piecing parts of this whole “Earth Plan” into grand perspective. Plus, I like metaphors and analogies a little too much, probably. Here’s my overall gist: […]


I’m something of a Christian-Buddhist-Jewish-Yogi-Mystic. I embrace and share truth in any form that heals & inspires.

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