128: When a Woman Claims Abundance

What 2 things open up for a woman when she starts to rise up and create her own income? Voice & Choice. Joining us from Paris, France, Best-Selling Author & Biz Coach Fabienne Fredrickson has 20+ years mentoring women in business & wealth creation – the smart, feminine way. This is a time of great transition; women are stepping onto their soul paths. 

  • “Put Your Ear to Your Heart & Listen Hard!”
  • You can have it all; whatever all means to you
  • Mary Magdalene’s influence in France



Find Fabienne: boldheart.com



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  1. What a wonderful surprise to “stumble upon” you and your podcast Cherie. Loved this episode. So profound and yet so easy to understand. I totally agree with your message. THANK you for doing this important work.

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