108: Women, Healers & Churches

How does an empowered female healer “fit” in religion? Does it feel safe for her to openly express her spiritual gifts? Recently my church of origin -Mormonism- updated its Handbook to discourage healing outside prayer and priesthood blessings.

  • What exactly is energy…and healing?
  • Churches managing health practices
  • Boundaries of obedience & sovereignty


This interview with Wendi Jensen is also on YouTube: https://youtu.be/dp9xPoMl_CA

Find Wendi’s book The Healing Questions Guide on Amazon 



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  1. Thank you for this episode. So much of it resonated with me as I have been on a journey of spiritual growth and healing for the last several years. I no longer seek for any authority outside myself. I was intrigued when you were talking about the rapid eye movement therapy. I have never heard of that and was wondering if you could recommend a practitioner in Utah. You spoke so highly of the woman you saw and how much it benefited you. Thank you so much!

    1. Post

      Hey Kim, thank you for this share. The RET I referenced was by Karey Williams in Salt Lake City, who did a series of sessions for my husband and I over 15 years ago. Look her up! She’s great. 🙂

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