105: How Your Purpose Reveals Itself

Did you know that focusing on your purpose is clinically shown to improve the quality of your life?  As 2020 ends, are you feeling something calling you – a purpose or a new frontier? Kellee Marlow is an Impact Entrepreneur, Biz Strategist, Empowerment Accelerator & Motivational Speaker who built her career by embracing disruption, innovation & technologies that challenge us to think differently. 

  • Practical purpose discovery
  • What’s an impact entrepreneur?
  • How to know you’ve found your “thing”



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Find Kellee: www.spark-conversations.com 


Cherie Burton is a mom of 6, author, holistic psychologist, speaker, biz owner, Women Seeking Wholeness podcast host, and hobbyist divine feminine scholar. She has worked as a clinical counselor in the fields of mental health and addiction and now specializes in the science and spirituality of emotional healing and sensory integration; a “whole soul” approach. Cherie is a former Mrs. Utah and guides females of all ages in her Stand Speak Shine private coaching programs, retreats and online schools. She travels internationally, empowering audiences with knowledge and tools to heal their trauma, find their soul callings, and embrace their wholeness.

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