103: The Ancient Feminine in You

How do you reconnect with the hidden reserves of energy, intelligence and healing that reside in your brilliant body? This episode dives deep into reclaiming the wisdom of the body and activating your divine DNA through the sacred dance of feminine awakening. Charisse Sisou is the bestselling author of a book I love: “Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact & Power.”  She also has 10+ years as a nationally award-winning belly dancer, which is super cool!

  • Priestess, witch, medicine woman…who were these ancestresses of ours and what did they know?
  • A woman’s need to “experience beauty for beauty’s sake.”
  • Why your body/temple needs movement to heal and awaken


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Find Charisse: www.shamelessmovement.com


Cherie Burton is a mom of 6, author, holistic psychologist, speaker, biz owner, Women Seeking Wholeness podcast host, and hobbyist divine feminine scholar. She has worked as a clinical counselor in the fields of mental health and addiction and now specializes in the science and spirituality of emotional healing and sensory integration; a “whole soul” approach. Cherie is a former Mrs. Utah and guides females of all ages in her Stand Speak Shine private coaching programs, retreats and online schools. She travels internationally, empowering audiences with knowledge and tools to heal their trauma, find their soul callings, and embrace their wholeness.

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