094: Harnessing the Power of Yin & Yang in Daily Life

The knowledge of Yin/Yang, or Feminine/Masculine energy states, dates back to China, about 300 BC.  The ancients knew that these powers inside – and outside – of us greatly influence our world. It shows up everywhere, from the way cells interact, to the way the solar system moves. My new friend Caroline Crockett Brock is a writer, poet and sand tray practitioner who serves individuals and groups as a witness, mirror, guide and healer at the intersection of the conscious and subconscious. A lady after my own heart! 

  • Some spiritual ascension models – “scaffolding to God”– are keeping us from God
  • Practical ways to regenerate your Yang and sink into your Yin 
  • “The faster you run into your fears, the faster you evolve as a soul.”


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Cherie Burton is a mom of 6, author, holistic psychologist, speaker, biz owner, Women Seeking Wholeness podcast host, and hobbyist divine feminine scholar. She has worked as a clinical counselor in the fields of mental health and addiction and now specializes in the science and spirituality of emotional healing and sensory integration; a “whole soul” approach. Cherie is a former Mrs. Utah and guides females of all ages in her Stand Speak Shine private coaching programs, retreats and online schools. She travels internationally, empowering audiences with knowledge and tools to heal their trauma, find their soul callings, and embrace their wholeness.



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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed and felt part of the women’s space. I was amazed to see how many points I have already felt and known.. . But to have other women speaking these words! ❤️ Love love love !

    1. Post

      Thank you, Tania! I love Caroline and we are definitely wanting to create a space of inclusivity – as if those listening were at our table. Keep listening!!

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