090: Women and Madness

Feeling a little crazy lately? I had Liyana on last year talking about your individual Dark Night of the Soul and she’s baaaack to share how we are now in a full-on collective Dark Night of the Soul. It’s common to spiritually bypass The Dark, but it is essential for deep personal transformation. (This is the topic of her soon-to-be second book!) Liyana is an author, speaker, mentor and “edge cutter.”

In this episode:


  • Looking at all of our deep shadowy crap that we don’t want to look at and why that is potent form of Feminine medicine. 
  • Tapping into your Inner Knowing – your “sacred bowl” – and why Liyana says this form of instinctual intelligence is in your sexual center.
  • How your 6 senses help you access your inner Goddess

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Find Liyana:  liyanasilver.com

090: Women and Madness

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