089: The Sovereignty Goddess

We each have guides – souls on this earth and on the other side of the veil – who have a special interest in our missions.  They seek to steer us inside ourselves to access personal power, love and beauty (so we can gift this presence to others).  Marisa is an author, writing coach, and story healer who teaches women how to uncover, embody, and tell their own Sovereign stories. She recently released her first book, The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love, and Magic.

In this episode:

  • Free the Princess. Crown the Queen. Embrace the Wise Woman: How the archetypes of Sovereignty can help you embrace your power and potential 
  • How being Sovereign actually helps you create deeper connections with your loved ones, your community, and the world that needs your awakened engagement. 
  • Why uncovering and telling your Sovereign Story is so important for transformation & creativity


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Find Marisa:   www.marisagoudy.com/sovereignty-knot 


Women Seeking Wholeness 089: The Sovereignty Goddess

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