087: The Heavens Have Aligned for Big Personal & Planetary Shifts

Do you feel the shift happening?  It is literally written in the stars. ?  How are the heavens connected to current world events? Like most women, Mindy DeGraffenried and Sarah Skeem found their value in “titles” – wife, mother, artist, childbirth instructor/doula, life coach, entrepreneur, disease survivor, etc. This shifted when they began an exciting study of their Astrological Birth Charts and became acquainted with their unique place in the universe and their inherent value. They now use this same tool as astrological coaches to assist others in their own journey of releasing self-judgment, deconstructing cultural programming, discovering latent attributes, and consciously expressing their true soul.

In this episode:

  • The main distinction between Astronomy and Astrology
  • The “2020 Trifecta”: 3 rarely-aligned planets that are massively affecting humanity right now
  • How is the awakening of the Feminine showing up in planetary alignment?  


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Find Mindy & Sarah:   www.wonderastrology.me

Women Seeking Wholeness 087: The Heavens Have Aligned for Big Personal & Planetary Shifts

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  1. I love to see this , I have been seeing 616 626 and 911 forever daily almost I feel my marriage is what the angels are trying to tell me something , he seems so Distant but every time I say anything I’m crazy , he says I love you please help clarify
    Thank you

    1. Post

      Lolonda, it’s a beautiful way of “being” to notice patterns. I do believe spirit guides and angels come through this way (times we see on the clock, for instance) as a means to subtly let us know we are not alone and that we have the power to choose for ourselves! That might be the message you’re receiving about your husband. I actually saw 9:11 on the clock when I was going through a very disempowering season in my marriage and I felt like it was a message from my guides to reclaim my power.

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