086: The Divinity of Humanness

Are you living outside of yourself?  How would you know if you were? Oftentimes we get so mired down by old patterns and programs about who we are – about what our bodies are – that we lose the magic essence of our individuality, beauty and power. Mickaela McNatt is a Spiritual Mentor and Healer, guiding women to create infinite abundance through deep subconscious healing…so they can embody their feminine essence and shift from doing into BEING. 

In this episode:

  • The human body as the bridge between heaven and earth
  • The need for subconscious healing before you dive into the manifestation process
  • The importance of claiming personal authenticity in your spirituality


Find Mickaela:  https://www.instagram.com/mickaelamcnatt/

Women Seeking Wholeness 086: The Divinity of Humanness

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