084: It’s Never Too Late to Redefine Yourself

Feeling trapped?  Feeling like maybe you’ve “missed your window” of claiming personal freedom, great health, beauty, or your personal mission?  Worse, do you experience “Imposter Syndrome” when you embark on projects or passions? For 30 years, Debra Valentina has been a holistic intuitive coach for female entrepreneurs and executives. She is an international speaker and author of her memoir Beyond Chaos: Journey to Freedom and Joy.  She is all about helping women to get beyond their doubts and fears to fully express their unique talents and claim their seat at the table.  

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In this episode:

  • How does a woman empower herself to fully express?
  • 7 qualities to cultivate on the journey to joy
  • 3 tools for not taking yourself so seriously + fostering self-trust


Find Debra: www.beyondchaosbook.com

Women Seeking Wholeness 084: It’s Never Too Late to Redefine Yourself

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