079: Freedom with Food & Eating without Guilt

How do we eat mindfully, intuitively and with self-acceptance, rather than heaping up servings of guilt and shame to ourselves?  This episode will reframe the way you talk about food and think about nutrition!  All the “dieting” rules are going out the window… Kate Jaramillo is a mother of four, wellness expert, business mentor, and host of the Straight-Up Wellness podcast. Together, we discuss FREEDOM (my theme right now) with FOOD. 

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In this episode:

  • “Body Neutrality” and how it can heal your relationship with eating & body image
  • 2 simple practices that powerfully transform health & manage weight 
  • How to make peace with the dreaded weight scale…


Find Kate: www.ketogenicliving101.com

Women Seeking Wholeness 079: Freedom with Food & Eating without Guilt

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