075:  Healing Your Hot Mess

We are electrical, chemical beings. Our unprocessed emotions are stored in different places in our bodies and literally hold a CHARGE. How do we neutralize past events, emotionally stabilize ourselves and “burn” new neural pathways? Kandy Graves was born to a drug addicted mom and has passed through numerous life experiences that led her to do the specialized healing work she does now. She is a Pattern-Breaking Energy Therapist assisting her clients with Subconscious Reprogramming & Epigenetic-Focused Techniques.

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In this episode:

  • Where do you start?  What is the cheapest, easiest, most powerful form of healing that you can do, like, RIGHT now?
  • Healing is merely FLOW.  So, how do we break up the “dam” of emotional blocks and energy debris to create more flow?
  • “The intensity of the experience does not necessarily matter. It’s the intensity of your response to the experience.” 
  • Why you may be avoiding meditation


Find Kandy: www.AsYouThinkYouAre.com

Women Seeking Wholeness 075: Healing Your Hot Mess

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