070: How the “Virus Vortex’ Can Move You Into Your True Work

Things are falling and rising right now.  How is this pandemic actually affecting your soul calling?  If you were in a job that is now gone, or a company that has drastically shifted, what’s next for you? How will you rise?  We have entered an evolutionary era of soul-based entrepreneurship. Many are feeling this call. Successful business growth and influencing expert Cassandra Shuck walked through the fires of severe childhood trauma and now helps entrepreneurs leverage their past trials and traumas to create fulfilling million-dollar businesses. She and I have a most epic, deep, engaging discussion on leaning into the unknown and acknowledging the gift that the Universe is giving all of us right now.

In this episode:

  • What have you outgrown?  What were you bored with, in your job, before this pandemic hit?
  • What are the first steps on the path to pioneering your life mission?
  • The exponential shift that is happening from the Achievement-Oriented paradigm to the Growth-Oriented paradigm
  • How your work “calls” you – and not the other way around

Find Cassandra: www.CassandraShuck.com

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Women Seeking Wholeness 068: How the “Virus Vortex’ Can Move You Into Your True Work

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