065: Deep Soul Work with Sacred Plants

Please note this was recorded 3 weeks ago, along with the last 2 episodes, before the pandemic.  As I shared on my main FB page, I don’t mean to be insensitive about the world’s issues and what we’re facing. However! This is a time on the Earth of unprecedented change and incorporating new ways of thinking, being and healing…

This episode carries some serious TRUTH BOMBS!  If you had discovered something powerful that you knew could save the life of a suffering loved one – but it was pretty unorthodox and “out-of-the-box” – would you still share it with them?  Most of us would say yes…we’d do anything to relieve the pain and facilitate healing – and especially save the life – of those we love. Since the devastating suicides of her son-in-law and husband, Laura Stoker has been on a focused mission to heal her family, find her highest path as a soul entrepreneur, and liberate others along the way. In her memoir, “Joy Is My Answer,” she candidly shares her journey of living with her husband’s mental illness for 22 years and coming into her own power by finding her voice and holding healthy boundaries. Laura recently returned from Peru and had an unforgettable healing experience working with a Shipibo tribe Shaman and the feminine sacred plant medicine, Ayahuasca. This was her second time in the Amazon jungle of Peru working with this plant medicine, and this time she took her daughter.  Laura and I have a VERY frank and fascinating conversation about the future of healing with sacred plants.

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In this episode:

Why certain powerful plants in the psychedelic family – Ayahuasca in particular – are often confused with drugs, yet are poised to be the new frontier in mind/body healing.
What is a modern-day Shaman?
What is Ayahuasca’s purpose in creation?  How has it been used for hundreds of years and how, when and where should it be administered?
There comes a point in the life of every truth-seeker when they must claim their OWN path without having to look to another human leader or authority for approval. Why is this the natural order of soul evolution, and how can NATURE assist us in this evolution?

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Women Seeking Wholeness 065 Deep Soul Work with Sacred Plants

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