063: The Impact of Religion on Women’s Mental Health

[Gulp] In this episode, I get pretty dang REAL about some of my personal pain points – and genuine concerns – surrounding women’s mental health within patriarchal religious hierarchies.  In particular, I share some personal and professional context with how I see women’s spiritual/emotional/mental health being harmed (knowingly and unknowingly). Natasha Helfer Parker is a well-recognized Certified Sex Therapist in the Latter-day Saint (Mormon) community, an LMFT and host of the Mormon Mental Health Podcast. This episode is actually me being interviewed on Natasha’s podcast, which was kind of interesting to have the tables turned! She has developed a special interest in helping clients work through issues regarding their interpersonal relationships, sexual development, and faith or spiritual journeys.  She particularly enjoys helping those wanting to navigate their religious cultures in healthy ways – whether they desire to stay within their faith communities or leave altogether.  She and I both honor all religious paradigms and choices.    

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In this episode:

  • What losing my sister to suicide and sitting on the Utah Attorney General’s State Suicide Prevention Council taught me about perfectionism and “the worthiness issue” as detriments to emotional safety and mental health
  • How I was able to come to peace with my “personal salvation” and claim spiritual sovereignty to reclaim my emotional wellbeing
  • How do the marginalized find inclusion and healthy sociality within a religion?

Find Natasha: https://www.natashaparker.org/

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