062: Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Abuse is more complex than just physical violence or verbal assault. When we are connected to a partner, a deep and strong tie becomes embedded inside that leaves us vulnerable and open to trauma in many forms (not just infidelity).  For many women, it’s become so chronic in their relationship that they don’t realize how it’s impacting their quality of life and health. After years of attempting to stop her husband’s pornography use and “anger issues”, Anne Blythe’s husband was arrested for domestic violence in 2015. Anne educates women about how to safely and effectively navigate their husband’s (or ex’s) abuse and establish peace in their homes and families. Anne was APSATS trained and is the producer and host of the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Podcast. She has been a key presenter at numerous conferences. 

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In this episode:

  • What is GASLIGHTING?
  • What are the ONLY 2 ways to heal from manipulation and abuse?
  • Repentance and reconciliation are good, but…It is completely unethical for therapists and clergy leaders to ask a women to be “patient” with her perpetrator.  Find out why.
  • How is betrayal trauma different – and oftentimes more emotionally intense and complex – than other types of PTSD?


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Women Seeking Wholeness 062: Betrayal Trauma Recovery

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