061: Peak Performance without Burnout

Sabrina Runbeck came to the US from China to live the American Dream – and as a 12-year-old girl, went out selling products door-to-door!  She is now a young surgical advanced practice provider with a background in public health and neuroscience. After working 80+ hours a week in healthcare, Sabrina cracked the code on working smarter and not harder. She is on a mission to help go-getters get rid of the overwhelm by restoring wellness and rebooting productivity. This is so they can feel good, live better, and achieve more with less time and stress while they rise up as leaders in their fields.  She believes women just need to say NO to almost everything, so they can live a life full of “heck YES!

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In this episode:

  • Say NO to vagueness, so you can dream big and achieve more
  • Say NO to unwelcoming negative thoughts, so you can regain your mental strength and embody your success
  • Say NO to putting your self-care last, so you can give the “best” of you not what is “left” of you

Sabrina’s offerings: Having a life full of Heck Yeah requires conscious intentions and all starts with knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Take this FREE 3-minute quiz to “Discover Your Hidden Roadblocks.” Go to SabrinaRunbeck.com/assessment Instagram.com/SabrinaRunbeck  Linkedin.com/in/SabrinaRunbeck


If you haven’t checked out my free healing mini-kit, go here: www.cherieburton.com/healingkit

I recently launched two online courses: The Emotional Wholeness Master Class and The 22 Day Depression Cleanse which can be found HERE.  

I am the author of two e-books, “Where Depression Ends and You Begin: 4 Passages to  Discovery”; and “True and Lasting Change–4 Ways to Break Through Fear.” 

My Stand Speak Shine programs provide women with retreats and mentoring programs to empower them to heal, express and create.  www.standspeakshine.com

My book, If She Could Speak, will be released in 2021.Women Seeking Wholeness 061: Peak Performance without Burnout

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