059:  What Is Feminine Energy…and How Do You Heal It?

I throw the around the phrase/term “Feminine Energy” frequently and have recently been asked to clarify what it is and how you access it.  And also – how it’s different, and similar to, Masculine Energy. In this episode, I seek to explain it in “laywoman’s terms.” It is a FORCE to be reckoned with – literally – as it calls to be healed in each of our bodies, systems, families, communities and spheres of influence.  Mother Earth, she is a-changin’…

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In this episode:

  • What are the main characteristics of Feminine Energy and what knocks Her off center? (This includes low, high, healthy and neutral)
  • How Feminine and Masculine energies assimilate in our beings and seek to harmonize inside of us, regardless of gender.
  • Why being open and receptive – into the “stillness of surrender” – is a power access-point for Feminine energetic flow.   


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Women Seeking Wholeness 059: What is Feminine Energy…and How Do You Heal it?

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