056: Connecting to a Loved One Beyond the Veil

Grief is a major soul-destabilizer, yet has the power to catapult a person’s spiritual development—IF the person can access the right supports. Have you lost a loved one and fear you’ll ‘never get over it’?  This kills hope, yet is what the majority of the bereaved (particularly those who’ve lost a child) live with. Erin Chandler is a bereaved mother, bereavement coach and two-time bestselling author. She uses an unconventional yet effective method to help grieving humans move beyond the sorrow and learn to connect with their loved one, uncovering true peace amidst devastating loss.

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In this episode:

  • How the loss of a loved one is only one facet of what the bereaved are grieving.
  • How traditional societal expectations and ways of dealing with grief are dysfunctional and leave many drowning in grief for years.
  • How connecting with Spirit is EVERYONE’S inborn gift and birthright! 
  • How to decipher what your strongest method of connecting is to get started.


Erin’s Offerings: Free downloadable copies of her books “The Spirit Connection: The Bereaved Parent’s Guide to Moving Beyond the Grief and Communing with Your Child” and “Love you, Ava Baby: The Truth About Life After Losing a Child and How I Found Peace and Joy In the Sorrow” – Just email [email protected] with the word BOOKS in the subject line. Promotion: Special gift of 25% off for Listener’s who want to apply for the Release and Connect program to learn how to connect with their loved ones and Spirit, on their own. www.thereislifeafterlosingachild.com


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Women Seeking Wholeness 056: Connecting to a Loved One Beyond the Veil

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