053: Understanding the Divine Feminine

Happy New Year, New Decade and New Era of the Feminine!

I get asked all the time, “What exactly does Divine Feminine mean?”  Is it one being, several beings, an energy, a presence…what? In this episode, I explore the meaning, as I have come to understand it, and invite you to explore how She comes through for YOU.

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In this episode:

  • The “A.R.C.” of Creation and how it aligns with The Feminine
  • How females have been written out of pivotal historical events…and how “herstory” is massively being rewritten (we are embarking upon a new way/new era; history/ “herstory” in the making!)
  • What the Greek terms “nous” and “anthropos” mean, and how they are relevant to Christ and Mary Magdalene’s teachings (thus, relevant to you, right now)

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Women Seeking Wholeness 053: Understanding the Divine Feminine

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