052: Accessing & Activating Body Wisdom

First of all, Merry Christmas!  I saved this episode for this special day because self-nourishment and self-care is the highest and holiest GIFT you give to God, Self and Others.

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What is inner body wisdom and what does it have to do with getting in touch with your innate needs?  How often do you ask yourself, “What do I want?” “What is it that I need?” “What do I like?” These are not selfish questions… they are actually VITAL to address and explore in order for you to be in your “knowing” and to feel alive in your body! This beautiful personal “Devotional Self Care” mentor of mine from Her Mystery School, Jasmine Patten, has a super real conversation with me about living a life of alignment, grace and ease vs. stress, exhaustion and burnout.  She is a sought-after “spirited business” and self-care coach for creative entrepreneurs and freedom-loving women. Her passion is supporting women to work less and live more through getting in touch with their own inner wisdom by creating systems for efficiency and rhythms for nourishment.

In this episode:

  • Why it’s so easy to get enmeshed in those we love, and why it derails our peace & alignment
  • What is the best way to turn inward and connect to your own sovereignty and power?
  • What is the true cost – the fallout – of not taking the time to self-nourish?
  • How to dissipate and diffuse our deepest fears (takes 90 seconds or less!)

Connect with Jasmine: Jasmine offers 2 free guided meditations on her website that help women to Reduce stress and overwhelm, and tap into your Inner Wisdom www.jasminepatten.com Find her on Instagram: radiantalivewoman

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Women Seeking Wholeness 052: Accessing & Activating Body Wisdom

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