051: The Lessons of Betrayal

How would it feel if your husband of 16 years confessed he’d had an affair with another woman… and also fathered a child with her? For Valerie Nordquist, the sun stopped; it was a soul shock. This was 5 years ago – and with time, has now given her space to dive deep into how marital infidelity was the catalyst to open her heart and shift her perspective about herself and relationships.  Misery wasn’t working for her. Bitterness, blame and anger didn’t resonate, so she had to find a different way to be. She realized it was a beautiful opportunity to extend compassion and grace — how all of it was happening FOR her rather than TO her.  It rendered her passionate about rediscovering her spirituality. 

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In this episode:

  • What personal sovereignty and sovereignty in relationships means
  • Where grace comes in: “We are not a collection of all of our sins.”
  • Is it possible we each “call in” excruciating experiences our soul needs for its highest growth?
  • How does delving deep within start to uncover your intuitive, “wild feminine”? How does it wake YOU up…and how is this also waking up the world?

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Women Seeking Wholeness 051: The Lessons of Betrayal

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