049: The Bravery to Be Who You Are

It’s been awhile since I’ve recorded a solo episode! If you’ve been tuning in to Women Seeking Wholeness, you’ll know that I’ve had some unique and diverse interviews with powerful women in recent weeks.  I’m flat-out inspired by people who show up unapologetically for THEMSELVES and then express with courage what they have come to know! In this episode, I’m sharing what I’ve come to KNOW on the topic of being YOURSELF. ? I have just become so incredibly passionate about sharing the meaning of soul sovereignty (which absolutely is NOT blasphemous!) and about giving women permission to stand in the authenticity of who they ARE.

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In this episode:

  • Why do women lack clarity on next steps along their soul paths?
  • The absolute NEED to distinguish your soul voice from every other voice running through your mind and heart.
  • The difference between a mission and a calling.
  • How grounding into embodied courage is the KEY to personal power and joy.
  • What is the “A.R.C.” of Creation and why is it the absolute longing of our hearts and the cravings of our souls?


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Women Seeking Wholeness 049: The Bravery to Be Who You Are

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