046: How Angels Work with Us

We’ve all heard of angels.  But have you ever wondered just how “present” and engaged angels are in your everyday existence?  Soulful business strategist, mom, speaker, writer, healer, and intuitive Ashlee Miller has had an interesting journey learning about – and experiencing – the angelic realm.  She felt called to get up early in the morning, years ago, to embark on an intensive study…which has led to amazing assignments and beautiful synchronicities. The take-home message for me:  THEY ARE AWAITING OUR ASSIGNMENTS! They await our invitation.

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In this episode:

  • Accessibility of angels for all of us – beyond protection and comfort
  • Accessing Angels 
  • Intentions with Angels
  • Purpose of Angels and how they work
  • Angel experiences
  • Angel Lists

Find Ashlee: www.AshleeMiller.com

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Women Seeking Wholeness 046: How Angels Work with Us

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