041: So, You Just Found Out You’re a Healer…Now What?

I’ve been saying for years that most people are afraid of healing and that’s why, as a collective, we aren’t healing. Many special women are awakening to certain gifts and wonder, “Is this legit?”  “Am I being deceived by the ‘dark side’?” “If this is real and from God, what do I do with it?” My healer friend, fellow woman of faith, and author Marlo Andersen, grappled with these kinds of questions to herself, and to God, as did I.  Like probably many of you, we are mothers who’ve felt a continual stirring inside, fueled by a deep desire to connect to our Creator and serve humanity through our innate – and developing – spiritual gifts. Once you wake up to this – and to your true mission – you cannot fall back to sleep.  The world needs you, and the Universe is calling you to The Work.  

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In this episode:

  • There is a treasure trove inside you that isn’t yet uncovered, and it is a revealing, uncovering, expansive journey that never ends.
  • Everyone on the planet holds something uniquely BRILLIANT. Some people are born as healers, with a unique presence, “way” and vibration to serve others.
  • People that are willing to dive deep inside themselves, into their soul realm as co-creators with God, are the ones who can serve others the most powerfully. They are the change-makers and healers of this planet.

Marlo is generously offering a copy of her first book for FREE to my WSW listeners! exploreanddiscoveryourpurpose.com/book  You can also request an Advanced Readers Copy of her book, So You Just Found Out You’re a Healer, which will be released on November 12th.

Find Marlo on Facebook- facebook.com/marlo.andersen

Still some room in the Stand Speak Shine Retreat in 2 weeks!!  It often takes a guide or mentor to show you how to access your soul’s unique voice and mission, gently and powerfully. I will share beautiful soul-based practices that will facilitate your empowerment and soul-speak at my STAND SPEAK SHINE Retreat (Embodying Your Feminine Soul: STEP INTO YOURSELF) Oct 24-26.  Please join us!  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/standspeakshine-retreat-embodying-the-feminine-divine-tickets-68628556861

I recently launched two online courses: The Emotional Wholeness Master Class and The 22 Day Depression Cleanse which can be found HERE.  

I am the author of two e-books, “Where Depression Ends and You Begin: 4 Passages to  Discovery”; and “True and Lasting Change–4 Ways to Break Through Fear.” 

My Stand Speak Shine programs provide women with retreats and mentoring programs to empower them to heal, express and create.  

My book, If She Could Speak, will be released in 2020.

Women Seeking Wholeness 041: So, You Just Found Out You’re a Healer…Now What?

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