040: Giving YOURSELF Permission

What are you waiting for, to step into your divine purpose and the life of your dreams?  Hear from author of A Little Book of Permission, Susie Sourwine, all the way from beautiful SCOTLAND. In the last year, Susie has completely reorganized her life to prioritize having conversations about the way learning to give ourselves permission will change our lives… and when we as coaches, teachers, parents and leaders teach it and centralize our work around it, we change our influence.  And we change the world. She calls this “rewilding your life.”

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In this episode:

  • What actually is this thing “PERMISSION” we are supposed to give ourselves to take action and create the change we want in our lives?  
  • Why giving ourselves permission is so difficult for women and how can we develop that muscle in ourselves and others.  
  • How it is just as important to declutter our thoughts and beliefs about our obligations as it is to declutter our living space.
  • How we have to do things differently if we really want to change the world for the better—a motivation for so many women.  
  • Why incorporating and requiring permission and consent in our lives allows us to contribute more, gives resilience for errors and for dropping the attachment to perfection, and provides multiple opportunities for choice and FREEDOM.


Cherie’s 90 Minute Audio, “Permission to SHINE” can be found here

Susie’s Permission work: www.slsourwine.com 

Find Susie: Instagram: @susie_swoons and @give_yourself_permission (and if you love Scotland and the idea of rewilding your life @the_gardeners_cottage_ )

Facebook:   Susie Sourwine and A Little Book of Permission

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Women Seeking Wholeness 040: Giving YOURSELF Permission

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