039: The Sourcing of Deep Feminine Sovereignty

Jumana Sophia’s work articulates the soul road of womanhood and the nobility, the eternal rightness and the incorruptible beauty of female sexuality and sacred femininity.  She writes, “This is a time of remembrance, and my work will foster an intimacy with yourself that is True. That feels like Home.” Jumana and I went deep in our discussion about what it really means to be an authentic woman; to let it emerge and to express as it naturally longs to.  We talk of how women steward the “womb of the world” and underestimate their power in just BEING.  

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In this episode:

  • What is the healthiest, highest-vibe definition of “worthiness”?
  • How do periods of transition in our lives become initiations into the unfolding of our true natures?
  • What is the fulness of womanhood? (Hint: it has much to do with our natural creative force, a generative power which seeks to express through us)
  • How does self-nourishment and SELF-THRIVING produce the highest kind of service to others?
  • How the Feminine hides and veils herself from us until we listen, allow and let her express


To learn more about Jumana’s work: https://www.jumanasophia.com/


How do you allow this unfoldment of the powerful Feminine force within?  You discover the ways your own soul voice speaks to you. It often takes a guide to show you how this process works, gently and powerfully. I will share beautiful soul-based practices that will facilitate your empowerment and soul-speak at my STAND SPEAK SHINE Retreat (Embodying Your Feminine Soul: STEP INTO YOURSELF) Oct 24-26.  Please join us!  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/standspeakshine-retreat-embodying-the-feminine-divine-tickets-68628556861

I recently launched two online courses: The Emotional Wholeness Master Class and The 22 Day Depression Cleanse which can be found HERE.  

I am the author of two e-books, “Where Depression Ends and You Begin: 4 Passages to  Discovery”; and “True and Lasting Change–4 Ways to Break Through Fear.” 

My Stand Speak Shine programs provide women with retreats and mentoring programs to empower them to heal, express and create.

My book, If She Could Speak, will be released in 2020.

Women Seeking Wholeness 039: The Sourcing of Deep Feminine Sovereignty

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