034:  Mary Magdalene Pt 6 (The Final Episode):  FINDING HER GOSPEL   

This is a first for me – a totally unscripted, unedited episode.  (And since the podcast began, only the second one I’ve recorded solo.)  I share some personal and sacred musings and experiences that led me on a powerfully unexpected journey, culminating in a dissolution and “unraveling” of who I thought I was and what I thought I knew.  This mysterious historical woman, Mary Magdalene…why the fascination with her? What does she represent? Why is she making a comeback in our day and age? What did she know? I lay it all out in this recording – what drew me in, captivated me and illuminated a new way of thinking, feeling and becoming.  Since my girlhood, my search for the Sacred Feminine and understanding the eternal role and destiny of womanhood has been relentless. It’s only taken a mere 50 years for me to finally start to really see it, understand it, and honor it for what it is. Mary Magdalene? She authentically embodied it.

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In this episode:

    • What is The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, how old is it and how did we get it?  Is it a legitimate sacred text? (spoiler alert: YES)
    • According to early Christian art and writings, what were the “7 Demons” cast out of her? (another spoiler: not actually demons)  


  • What is the greatest hunger we have as humans and why is this hunger often overlooked, downplayed, even frowned upon in many spiritual organizations, systems, religions, and institutions? (spoiler #3: it’s about soul sovereignty)


  • What is the ultimate spiritual practice that Jesus taught Mary Magdalene, which she then tried to teach the other apostles after his death? (aaand the last spoiler: she knew how to access the Kingdom Within)


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Women Seeking Wholeness 034: Mary Magdalene Pt 6 (The Final Episode): FINDING HER GOSPEL

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