033:  Mary Magdalene Pt 5: Seeing “Her-Story” in History 

Robin Young (also known by her pen name, Mari Clairveaux) is an avid researcher who has extensively studied the Divine Feminine in Ancient Egyptian and Early Christian eras.  Her deep-dive exploration into Joseph of Egypt (“coat of many colors”) and his wife Aseneth opened up incredible insights into “divine couple” parity in Earth’s earliest civilizations.  Jesus and Mary Magdalene, it is believed by many researchers, also followed this male/female equality spiritual leadership model.  Mine and Robin’s discussion revolves around women being traditionally been less visible in most cultures, based on early divisions in belief systems that resulted in male-centric authority.  Yet, as we open our “eyes to see” – we will realize that The Divine Feminine has been hiding in plain sight all along.

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In this episode:

  • How does the Gospel of Mary Magdalene show us the Pattern of Female Ascension?  
  • How did Mary Magdalene help Christ to “fulfill the Law” and why isn’t this discussed more in religious settings?
  • What were some of the ancient symbols of The Sacred Feminine from some of humanity’s earliest artwork and texts?
  • How did ancient temple structures incorporate female deity? 


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Women Seeking Wholeness 033: Mary Magdalene Pt 5: Seeing “Her-Story” in History

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