032: Mary Magdalene Pt 4: The Book of Love

Aedamar Kirrane joins us from Ireland.  She is a lawyer turned philosopher; a spiritual writer specializing in the philosophy of Love. In 2015, at the age of forty-six, during the final semester of her BA in Philosophy and English in University College Dublin, Aedamar started to meditate, and within a matter of weeks she began to experience the preliminary stages of what transpired to be a profound Awakening to Love. Hear her story of coming into this awareness as a young mother and how it has evolved into her special mission. Aedamar and I had an instant and powerful connection online as we journeyed together in a feminine leadership/ Influencer’s Masterclass two years ago.   

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In this episode:

  • What exactly is “Mysticism” and how has it been edged out of Christianity and traditional religious structures? 
  • Why do we, as human beings, long to experience direct connection to Love and hence, to God?  (Hint: Nature and meditation are the strongest facilitators of this connection) 
  • The sacred practice of creating peace in the ordinary daily tasks of life: why this is at the heart of your personal healing. (“Standing in a state of profound reverence for all creation, in all its forms.”)
  • The longing in my heart of hearts, since my girlhood – how Aedamar reframed it – and as a result, managed to make me cry!   


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“Healing wasn’t meant to be complicated.”

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Women Seeking Wholeness 032: Mary Magdalene Pt 4: The Book of Love

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