031: Mary Magdalene Pt 3: Sisterhood of the Rose

Meet Chloe Mercer, a healer and teacher from England, awakening women to the “The Rose”; a galactic symbol of Ancient Mothers and Divine Feminine “oneness.”  Hear her story of coming into this awareness and her sacred mission through deep personal loss as a young mother. I met Chloe on an Avalon Priestess Pilgrimage to Glastonbury last year, an event she co-facilitated.  Her strength, beauty and wisdom was a joy to experience! Chloe taught me about the feminine connection to Yoga and the depth of connection to Divine Mother and the physical body.  

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In this episode:

  • What is Mary Magdalene’s connection to the symbol of the Rose? 
  • What do Jesus and Mary Magdalene show us about the “sacred union” of the of the masculine and feminine inside each of us?
  • How does nature assist us in waking up to our soul essence and activate physical, emotional and spiritual healing?
  • What is the true message of the Magdalene? (hint: it has to do with honoring our own sacred blueprint)


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“Healing wasn’t meant to be complicated!”

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