027: Breaking Free of Toxic Perfectionism w/ Morgan Hagey

Are you feeling bogged down with spiritual expectations?  There is “Exactness” and then there is Grace. There is “Absolutism” and then there is Nuance. How do we bust out of the old paradigms of “spiritual success” and allow ourselves the freedom to be ourselves?  My discussion with Morgan Hagey, mom of 7, speaker, and author of Practicing Perfection: Let Grace Work in Your Life gets into the zone of REAL for women of faith!

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In this episode:

  • Christ was off-script and unconventional…so why do we put ourselves in a box with in our own self-expression?
  • Why black and white thinking is dangerous when it comes to religion  
  • What is the “perfect” man and the “perfect” woman, anyway? Finding the sacred masculine and divine feminine “balance”


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“Healing wasn’t meant to be complicated!”

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Women Seeking Wholeness 027: Breaking Free of Toxic Perfectionism

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