025: Meditation Made Simple w/ Brooke Snow

Are you frustrated – or intimated by – the practice of Meditation? What is the #1 “spirituality hack” to stay present and peaceful? Brooke Snow is a meditation specialist, mother, podcast host, and author. Our discussion takes the stigma and fear out of meditation and makes it super easy, simple and DOABLE!

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In this episode:

  • What’s a good thing to do, first thing in the morning, to clear your mind and heart?
  • What keeps us from being in the Presence of God?
  • How do mantras instantly reset the mind and nervous system? Brooke had an AMAZING near-death experience wherein she received a mantra that saved her life.
  • A new way to look at “The Gospel” – a soul centered approach

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“Healing wasn’t meant to be complicated!”

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Women Seeking Wholeness Podcast 025: Meditation Made Simple w/ Brooke Snow

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