020: The Veil Pt 2: I Exist to Help Souls Heal: A Doctor’s Shared-Death Experience w/ Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll

What is a shared-death experience?  You will find out on this fascinating episode, The Veil Pt 2, where I interview Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll, an attending emergency room physician while Jeff Olsen (in the previous podcast episode, The Veil Pt 1) was fighting for his life. While in the hospital room, Dr. Jeff shared a profound “lifting of the veil” experience with a nurse wherein they beheld Jeff Olsen’s wife who had passed on that day. Through this and other veil-rending experiences throughout his life, Dr. Jeff – like Jeff Olsen in the previous episode – has developed a larger vision for humanity and a respect for the unique paths of each human soul. After decades as a trauma one emergency room physician, he is now doing healing work and speaking full time. His book, Not Yet: Near Life Experiences and Lessons Learned is a 2018 Best of State Award Winner.  

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Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll’s personal mission creed is, “I exist to help souls heal.”  Beautiful, isn’t it?

In this episode:

  • What actually IS “the veil”?
  • His profound experience with a homeless man in the Emergency Room
  • Why it is imperative that we allow someone else the freedom to walk their own spiritual path, even – and especially – if it is not ours.
  • What he would say to someone who says God respects our free agency and so, “He does not intervene.”
  • Why is it so important to be OPEN to truth, in whatever source it comes from?
  • And the bomb… Is there just “one way” to follow God?


If you missed the previous episode, Episode 019: The Veil Pt 1: Beyond Religion, Beyond Beliefs, Beyond Death, please go back and listen! Jeffery C. Olsen shares how all of life is in divine order and how belief systems can really mess with our souls. (and not in a good way!) Plus, he shares his absolutely incredible near-death experience and trauma of losing his wife and their toddler son – as well as his leg.  I love the hearts and souls of these two Jeffs, my brothers in truth!

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  1. I have listened to MANY interviews on spiritual subjects over the course of my life. THIS is BY FAR the BEST interview I have heard. Cherie, I too am a seeker. I too have had a lifelong fascination with NDE’s.
    ( I have even met someone who had a NDE and a bestselling book, who, upon meeting me said ” I know you, you were up there with me!” That was an incredible shock to me! ) Dr. O’Driscoll is a beautiful soul, blessing us with profound information. What a blessing to hear his story and how it interfaces with Jeff Olsen’s experience!
    Thank you for interviewing both of them!
    I’ve also struggled with the masculine reference to God.
    This interview addressed SO MANY issues that I am interested in-Thank you!! I found you through being a FB follower of Jeff Olsen. I hope to listen to many more of your podcasts!!

    1. Wow, what kind words, thank you Lynda! Yes, Dr. O’Driscoll has some powerful wisdom to share and it was fascinating to interview and learn from him. I hope you will continue to listen to this podcast – there is a lot more on the Feminine Face of God in future episodes!

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