018: Jesus, Table Flipping & Traditions w/Jennifer Marco

When I talk with my friend Jen, little earthquakes happen — and that DEFINITELY happened this time. Our conversation went a direction we hadn’t anticipated! Jennifer Marco is an extremely gifted professional singer and mother and healer and vocal instructor and follower of Jesus.  I like her soul-based approach to life. She’s super real, especially as it relates to getting unstuck, calling out distortion and coming back to the heart of things. She believes that when we are ourselves, the world changes and heals. Who else is there to be…but YOU? This particular episode does not skirt around things; we get really REAL and have the audacity to ask some tough spiritual questions. We decided to name it: Jesus, Table Flipping & Traditions.

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In this episode:

  • Getting past the obsession and fear of being wrong
  • What was Jesus’ deeper message? (and what really upset Him…?)
  • How do we discern what is ours and what is someone – or something – else’s?
  • Can you stand out and be willing to be judged?


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  1. Jen,

    Been checking out some of your posts on FB. This topic interests me. Many believe in a personal God. I think God is aware of us impartially. The rest is all our own show — no matter what we are experiencing.

    It’s great that you have experiences that you can share with others that may provide some insight into their own situations.

    Jack Rades

    1. That is a really interesting perspective, Jack! I hear you. I have often reflected upon the true purpose of life as a medium for us to awaken to our own power and capacity to love. As in, it’s not God hovering over us to test us, but to allow us to discover ourselves. There are so many mysteries to explore and pontificate upon. 🙂

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