017: What Will It Take to Actually Love Yourself? w/Tiffany Peterson

Are you in love with your life?  My friend Tiffany Peterson is a powerhouse in the arena of empowering women. She’s a speaker, a coach and self-prescribed LIFE LOVER. She believes that we’re all destined for greatness and joy. She is dedicated to giving people real skills and tools to guide them in creating their most thriving, rich and beautiful life. So, the question, “Are you in love with your life?” is always a “YES” if you are in love with YOURSELF. Is this selfish? Self-aggrandizing? Weird? NO!  Listen in on our wonderful discussion, What Will It Take to Actually Love Yourself.

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In this episode:

  • Why “the person with the most ENERGY wins” (We are in an Energy Economy)
  • Consistent and practical Self-Care — why everything you seek and want hinges on it!
  • How do you actually become your own Best Friend?
  • Self-Worth vs. Self-Confidence

She talks about how Progress=Happiness and how investing in your mind and spirit is your BEST investment…ever.

Tiffany has a free Self-Care Guide on her website https://tiffanyspeaks.com/  She always has cool events and programs launching~!

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