015: Multiple Braining: Healing through Connecting the Body’s Intelligences w/Dr. Suzanne Henwood

“mBraining is a beautiful weave between that old, ancient spiritual wisdom and the absolutely most modern, cutting-edge neuroscience.”  –Suzanne

Listen in for a fascinating,  thought-provoking look at the science of  “Multiple-Braining” or mBrainingintegrating all of the “brains” in our body for profound and on-going healing.   My guest is Dr. Suzanne Henwood, one of only two master trainer/master coaches of “mBraining”  in the entire world. In addition to this passion of hers, Dr. Henwood is an Associate Professor of Health and Social Sciences in Auckland, New Zealand, and also holds a doctorate of philosophy.  She is just brimming with brilliance–knowledge, wisdom, and experience in this “profoundly simple/simply profound” field.

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I could easily have listened to her for hours, and am looking forward to bringing her to the States for a live workshop.  You will want to be ready to take notes!

Check out Dr. Suzanne’s  amazing content  at  http://www.mbraining4success.com/, where you can access 2-3 free downloads–guided meditations that take you through re-setting your head, heart, and gut.

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Through statistical methods of research and rigorous scientific standards, we now know that this whole thing about multiple brains is actually scientifically based–not metaphorical, but real brains in our bodies.” —Suzanne

“I love the emphasis on ‘rewiring’ the human body.  It’s not just your head-brain if you’re gonna transform–it’s your body”.  —Cherie

We have the choice to take a look inside and say, “Yeah, that’s who I was, and it’s created who I’ve become, but moving forward, this is who I want to be more of.”    Join us as Dr. Suzanne Henwood offers simple, yet profound ways to move forward in a deliberate and purposeful way.

  • Learn three ways of getting through intense moments,  stress-free.
  • Find out what “neuro-plasticity” means
  • What is the key to healing?
  • How many positive things need to be done just to neutralize one negative thought process?


Check out Grant Soosalu’s book, mBraining: Using your Multiple Brains To Do Cool Stuff.

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  1. What a beautiful message of hope…a twist in “how” to access parts of our bodies. Tantalizing…I want to know more, as well as take her course, once she comes to the states! Thank you Cherie.

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