014: A Sacred Morning Practice to Co-Create with the Divine w/Kelly King Anderson

“Once I started sending positive emotion, feelings of love, gratitude and praise to Heaven and also to Mother Earth, it’s like something completely shifted.” —Kelly

Today on Women Seeking Wholeness, I’m talking with Kelly King Anderson, a close friend of mine who is an absolutely brilliant creator, both at home and in business.  She shares with us her forte, which is helping others to co-create with the Divine. In this age we live in, with so much information and opportunity available to us, it is crucial that we flesh out what is most important for our unique and individual path.   With fresh and empowering insight, Kelly describes her own key practices for connecting daily with Deity to create something truly extraordinary.

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Check out Kelly’s amazing content on her Creating With God Facebook Page and follow her podcast on iTunes, “Creating With God“! 

“It’s really about… the power of creating a space as a daily sort of ritual to connect in, so that you can spend the rest of your day  in receiving mode and be able to get clear answers and direction around what is wanted in the deepest recesses of your heart.”  –Cherie

This is a MUST listen if you yearn to partner with the Divine to become and do more of what you were meant to be!  

  • Packed with practical, profound ideas for how to ask and receive specific guidance and direction
  • Powerful daily practices–meditation, effective prayer, insightful journaling, Creation List, and asking key questions

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