012: I Think I’ve Awakened, Now What? A Deep Discussion on Awakening w/ Zach Rehder

It has become a rarity to find a male as in touch with his intuition and healing gifts as Zach Rehder. Zach instructs lifechanging breathwork seminars and retreats and teaches his students, including yours truly, what it truly means to be fully awake and aware. While it is difficult to put Zach’s healing power into words, today he is here to explain the process of awakening, how to know if you are being truly mindful and present, and why you should be changing your breathing patterns to open yourself up to the divine Universe.

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An evolutionary force in the processes of awakening, breath, and mindfulness, Zach approaches his work as a tremendous journey to help show others that they are worthy and enough. On this episode, Zach explains how to get outside of your ego and mind when making decisions, ways to become more aware of your patterns and all possible outcomes, and why embracing the emotions you do not want to feel can help you overcome your shame.

There is no one eternal truth for everyone, and it is up to all of us to go through our cycles of truths to remove our bubbles of fear and let go of our boundaries and barriers. Zach believes that by harnessing your breath you can breathe new understanding and levels of awareness that you have been too stuck to experience before. By preaching a life filled with following your knowing, checking in with your heart, and honoring your intuition, Zach helps his clients find points of awakening to wake up to the divine within.

Have you ever experimented with breathing techniques to help find rest and relaxation? Tell us about your journey in the comments below!

In This Episode

  • Viewing perceived dysfunction in life as a gift from the Universe
  • Accepting our natural need to judge and learning how to turn the mind off
  • Using breathing and relaxing to bring awareness into your body and mind
  • The difference between feeling and thinking we are feeling
  • Honoring your intuitive knowing to be more expansive in your potential



“Seeing the pattern is already changing the pattern. Judging the pattern is locking the pattern in place.” (10:28)

“Stress, anxiety, overwhelm, all of these are just signs that we are not present and not breathing.” (16:08)

“What if it was never about happiness or sadness, but it was about how open or closed we are.” (29:42)

“There is no pervasive ‘one size fits all’ kind of truth for collective humanity other than love.” (33:45) – Cherie

“You always know what’s going to serve you the most, you always know when to leave and when to stay, you always know what to eat and what not to eat, all of these things. And we have all totally ignored that knowing so many times.” (46:28)


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