011: Authentic Mothering & Creating a Healthy Family Culture w/ Ganel-Lyn Condie

Ganel-Lyn Condie is a dear friend and fellow sister to a victim of suicide who has combined her passions for developing healthy family cultures and connecting people to their inner spirits, with her love of public speaking and writing, to share a message of hope and healing. Ganel-Lyn inspires others to appreciate their value and practice validation in order to handle tough familial situations. Everything from the unique vortex of grief after a suicide, to why contentions can sometimes be a good thing in the home, and how to be honest with your children is being addressed on this therapeutic and eye-opening episode.

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If you are a woman or mother who feels as though they are barely breathing and yet calling it a life, Ganel-Lyn is here to motivate you to surrender to your vulnerability and in turn, learn how to love unconditionally. Ganel-Lyn explains why you need to accept that you are not the only resource for your child’s learning, how to stop generational perpetual shame, and ways to prioritize needs in your family structure. She also dives into why your worth is non-negotiable, the importance of embracing your weaknesses to find life’s greatest joys and more.

When you lead your life with authenticity and base your family structure around honesty, you can create a family culture where people feel supported when they fail, and not afraid to try again. This episode is all about letting go of your internalized regrets, accepting the things you cannot change, and awakening your sovereign soul to increase your ability to shine. How does Ganel-Lyn’s message inspire you? Let us know which techniques you will be bringing to your family in the comments section.

In This Episode

  • Learning how to manage fear and life’s great unknowns as a woman
  • Developing your family culture by assessing and prioritizing everybody’s needs
  • Accepting and embracing your children as your greatest potential teachers
  • Managing your own fear as a practice and modeling it to your own children
  • Viewing influence as a vehicle of stewardship instead of ownership


“To me, it is a matter of life and death, that we have to be more authentic to create a connection, because connection saves lives.” (2:39)

“If I don’t give attention to what is uniquely and creatively my contribution to the Universe, I will crack and break too.” (41:29)

“Often times our children trigger our worst stories and traumas from our childhood so that they can resurface and be healed.” (56:05)

“You are only as good as you are for your child. And your child is wanting you to have that boundary and a full well, to share any water you might have with them.” (58:54)

“I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world, that would be my biggest regret.” (1:01:15)


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