010: Braving Your Brokenness: The Farther You Fall, the Higher You Rise w/ Wendy Bunnell

Wendy Bunnell has been through her own hell and back and has taken her experiences of trauma and turned them into an inspiring movement to help others tap into their magnificence. A self-proclaimed ‘serial entrepreneur’, speaker, mom of six, fellow podcaster and more, Wendy is an uplifting voice who is here to help you see how you can define your success in spite of your failure.

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Today Wendy is sharing her passion to break down barriers to help women help each other become the best versions of themselves. She is an expert at tuning into energies of inspiration and creative force to create your own existence and understand your worth. Everything from the power of dissent and being at your lowest point to the incredible lessons you can learn while you rise.

While there are many different paths for all of us, it is through failure that we learn and grow to become better versions of ourselves. Wendy is offering perspectives of showing gratitude to your God and yourself as a divine being in order to surrender and find true enlightenment.

How do you feel about Wendy’s perspectives on motherhood, gratitude, and expectations? Let us know in the comments section below!

In This Episode

  • Celebrating failure rather than feeling shame
  • How to express gratefulness and gratitude in a productive way
  • Reprogramming your mind to see the good, think and expect positive results
  • Accepting responsibility for your life and ability to make choices
  • Combining gratitude practices and self-care rituals to discover your self-worth


“Really what it is all about is breaking down those barriers that separate us as women and understanding that we’re all walking a very similar path.” (2:42)

“While I was on my knees, as I was pleading for forgiveness, I heard a word. Just one word. And that word was gratitude.” (14:15)

“I am not just worthy, I have infinite worth. And my worth isn’t based on what I do or the roles that I keep, my worth is because of who I am.” (20:42)

“I’m talking about someone who is so secure and confident within herself that she radiates this glow of wellbeing, and that to me is success.” (44:40)


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