009: Why Raw Honesty with Other Women Helps You Awaken & Heal w/ Julie Ann Hirsche

After a near death experience as a teenager that opened her eyes to the power of the choices we make, Julie Ann Hirsche has spent the last 10 years learning how to let go of other people’s issues and instead offer them gifts of clearing and opportunities to heal. Julie Ann is an advocate for learning to trust your own inner gifts and use your voice to manifest your dreams and desires.

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Today, Julie Ann is here to share some of her gifts that are attuned to the souls of women, and help you become aware of the spiritual guides and the Earth Mother that we are all connected too. If you have been looking to connect to your inner female goddess and divinity, are looking to find clarity in what rings true in your soul, or are hoping to learn mindfulness and embrace inner peace, this episode is for you.

When we understand that there are other women out there who are feeling the same feelings as us, asking the same questions and want to be free and enlightened in this way together, we can create a space of willingness to stay open and move forward. By becoming aware of your choices and patterns, setting boundaries and continuing to work hard, you too can embrace your ability to trust your instincts.

Julie Ann is here to help you move through this new age of women with voices and the mass awakening that will empower women globally. Join in on the conversation! Let us know what you see as your soul purpose in the comments.

In This Episode

  • The masculine and feminine balance between the sun and the moon
  • Allowing yourself to speak freely and honoring the women who came before you
  • Gateways and portals to awaken and enlighten who you truly are
  • A beautiful common thread experienced by those with near-death encounters
  • Becoming aware of your ability to make choices and be free of any boxes


“I believe that was my gift. That I was able to feel what it would feel like to pass to the next life and choose to stay.” (13:43)

“The tradition of Western culture and many other cultures is to suppress that divine feminine, and I believe it’s because of fear, because it is so powerful.” (25:49)

“It’s about owning who you are and seeing the power in that. This is me and I can be beautiful and do beautiful things and not feel judged or tormented because I have chosen to highlight those things” (31:02)

“I’ve owned that these questions and thoughts and ideas are real. I’ve seen that they’re real because I have tried for too long to push them away and it doesn’t work” (37:05)


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  1. Hey ladies, one thing that might interest you are the ages of the Earth, such as the age of Aquarius, and the Great Cycle. These changes are meant to be happening now and are a natural cycle. Age of Aquarius brings us out of approx. 13000 years of darkness and the light begins to shine brighter and brighter. During this age the divine feminine strengthens…for the next 13000 years and ends in the age of Leo (I believe).

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