God’s Girl

I took a fall today after my sister’s wedding. Tripped over – more like slammed into – a large metal bike rack and fell flat on my stomach. Scrapes and bruises and sidewalk burns all over my shins, knees and hands. Yep, it was funny (!), but it was also hu…MIL..iating! Was feeling a little sorry for myself, being weak and foolish in front of all those people, having to limp around all afternoon and evening.
And then I was reminded of a video a friend had shared on her Facebook page this morning – a video of this glorious daughter of God named Gianna, who limps through her life with Divine purpose…
God’s timing with my stupidity and weakness is amazing. Of course He knew I’d be skidding onto a sidewalk at 3:30, so He’d need to embed the lesson 5 hours previous. Via this video.
I was moved beyond belief as I watched Gianna Jessen this morning. I had to share it here, because Gianna’s spiritual courage is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

I was riveted the entire 16 minutes. Click on her name below to watch:
Gianna Jessen
As a survivor of a late-term saline abortion, Gianna’s calling and life path is to spread a message about “declaring life.” This is not about politics to her, it’s about taking a stand for Truth, despite the voices of others. She answers only to Christ, and makes that very clear. I admire that in a person more than anything…
Gianna’s views on “beautiful suffering” is amazing. Her struggles with Cerebral Palsy, undergoing extensive physical therapy, often unable to walk without assistance, being “hated from conception”…are, as she says, “a small price to pay to be able to blaze through the world as I do to offer hope.” What grand eternal perspective!
Though she was considered a “throw away” by her bio mom, she sees herself as “God’s Girl” and tells others they better be nice to her because her Father owns the world. (love it)
I think the most powerful thing she shared with the lawmakers was, “There are things that you will only be able to learn through the weakest among us.” Reminds me of this scripture:
“…God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty(1 Cor. 1:27)
Sometimes God’s Messengers come cloaked in forms we wouldn’t expect.
At the end of her presentation Gianna said that Jesus Christ’s name can make people so terribly uncomfortable. “But,” she says, “I didn’t survive to make people comfortable.”
Wow. Chills when she made that declaration.
I guess what I appreciated most about what she said was that as God’s Limping Girl, she falls often…sometimes gracefully, sometimes not.
I can relate.

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